The Draconis Cluster
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Mal'Quun Station in orbit above Mal'Quun

Here is a first and really sketchy look at the worlds of the Draconis Cluster.

The Draconis Cluster is a setting for space operatic adventures with dozens of alien races interacting with each other. One thing to keep in mind is that tech level for jump drives is different from standard Traveller. In the Draconis Cluster, jump dives are first developed at Tech Level 10, with jump 2 being developed at Tech Level 12, jump 3 at Tech Level 14 and jump 4 not developed as of yet. There is still a lot of work left before this is completed. I plan to add a page on some of the alien races. So keep checking in to see how things are shaping up. And If you have any ideas, questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

The Map of the Draconis Cluster is available

Adiline				D631200-B
Alro				B741414-D
Answar				B3886?9-C
      (Arch-B)			CC659?F-A
      (Arch-KM)			A3899??-D
      (Arch-KM)			A2778??-D
      Blin (Arch-B)		B8635?6-B
      Kiawtor (Arch-F)		E9A04??-4
      Notla (Arch-B)		D84A7?2-6
      Orden (Arch-F)		AC569?C-C
      Pukli(Arch-F)		B5A95??-C
      Panja (Arch-B)		A8757?4-E
      TieA (Arch-B)		BB66A?F-8
Bel				A659A77-D
Betloug				AC5568A-D
Crom				B000417-C
Dawn				C683513-D
Ea				C441568-B
Fansan				DC40???-2
Gerth				X733500-1
Gildor				B489556-6
Grund				CF836B2-B
Haven				C693364-E
Holawal				A954957-D
Hrent				A2757C6-C
HRM				C4B2???-?
Ichabod				BAA1542-B
Ispintier			CCA1870-9
Jacob's World			B67131A-D
Jokaltar			E4536DH-5
Kelnee				A6669C5-F
Ktashisnif			X85A000-0
Mal' Quun			B822418-B
Meraresha			B0313C8-C
Ordon				A674665-F
Pamina				A675778-A
Papageno			A18A575-D
Psi2200				E7607?4-6
Quintor				B800467-C
RaTa				A99383A-E
Rankong				A5649C4-E
Sarastro			C869543-4
Severn				#362###-#
Sternside			B6A80A2-D
Tamino				FC64110-D
U-37				X141000-0
Vorgast				A65632C-F
Wath Fa				E888777-2
Yanbeck				A656845-C
Zelag				D178600-3

Adeline - D631200-B
The deep canyons which criss-cross the surface of the planet provides refuge for the breathable atmosphere. It is in the canyons that the planet’s primitive native race lives. Also present is a small Rankon operated trading post that conducts trade with the natives and acts as a staging point for the occasional safari expeditions that come to hunt in the canyons.

Alro - B741414-D
Despite being considered a frozen waste land by most races, the Lopduns consider it to be a resort word due to the temperature being a touch higher than the Lopdun home world, Holawal.

Answar - B3886?9-C
Answar is the homeworld for the Cortu’gi.

The Archipelago system is group of three planetary systems orbiting a type B star , a type F star, and a K/M double star

Bel - A659A77-D
This highly industrialized planet is the home world of the Rastun (Rats). Also of note is the 12th planets 7th moon which is divided up into private estates which are owned by the wealthiest of Rastun families

Betloug - AC5568A-D
This is the Holotin home world a dispassionate and aloof race that believe the search for knowledge to be the meaning to life.

Blin (Arch-B) - B8635?6-B

Crom - B000417-C
Extensive mining operations are underway in this system’s vast asteroid belt. Popular lore has it that a secret pirate base is hidden amongst the asteroids.

Dalfin -

Dawn - C683513-D
Colonies from both Rankong and RaTa were started here to take advantage of the world’s rich coastal regions and range lands. The Rankong colonies are located in most of the world’s richer coastal regions and are mostly engaged in slave labor based agriculture. The RaTanie an the other hand run large ranching operations in the range lands. A major point of friction between the Rankon and RaTanie settlers of the world is escaped Rankon slave will often find assistance or asylum from the RaTanie.

Ea - C441568-B
The original inhabitants of this world were nomads who had just develop internal combustion motor technology when the first Rankon settlers arrived. It wasn’t long at all before hostility between the two cultures erupted. Today many of the nomads have been imprisoned in work camps or even sent to labor camps off world, while the rest have had to flee to the wilderness where they still carry on a guerrilla war against the Rankon settlers.

Fansan - DC40??0-2
This is the home world of the enigmatic Rockmen. Off-worlders wishing to trade for the Rockmen’s pure metals must conduct business in the Alien Zone on Fansan.

Gerth - X733500-1
The most of the arable land on this world is dominated by a single forest like plant. It is amongst the branches of this plant that Girth’s primitive native race can be found. The Leoins of Hrent have declared Gerth as a protectorate.

Gildor - B489556-6

Grund - CF836B2-B
This massive world is the home of a humanoid race that seems to be nearly as massive, the Grodune.

Haven - C693364-E
When colonist from Kelnee first arrived they thought they had found paradise only to discover an airborne virus that infects the lungs. Now all colonist were respirators while scientists conduct research to find a way to eliminate the virus.

Holawal - A954957-D
This frigid planet is the home world of the Lopduns, a short squat race that has evolved living in subzero conditions.

Hrent - A2757C6-C
Hrent is the home world of the Leoins, several cat like races. The Leoins society is rigidly divided into various castes based on with the Lions making up the monarchy and upper classes and Lynxes being the lowest with all the other various feline races falling somewhere in-between.

HRM - C4B2???-?
The corrosive atmosphere is very inhospitable to most creatures in the Cluster. However, the atmosphere presents no problem for the LMC, the Cluster’s only know energy life form.

Ichabod - BAA1542-B
Ichabod is noted for its raging acid storms. Settlers are encouraged with range land given to any who will live on and work the land. Ranching with local meat stock is the most common way settlers work their stakes.
Detail Information on Ichabod

Ispintier - CCA1870-9
This is the home world of the Aflota, a race of balloon like beings that get around by floating and "swimming" through the air.

Jacob's World - B67131A-D
What originally started out as a way station has evolved into an entertainment and resort industry catering to all tastes.

Jokaltar - E4536DH-5
The Jokal,a humaniod race, are ruled by their Living God, who's laws effect nearly ever aspect of Jokal life. Ships passing through the system refuel at a way station at Jikartar, the gas giant that Jokaltar orbits. Those passing through are advised to avoid Jokaltar.

Kelnee - A6669C5-F
With the overthrow of the Council of Wizards 50 years ago, Kelnee almost overnight went from a being a secluded world that jealously guarded its privacy to being one of the technological leaders of the Cluster. Under the strong leadership of Good King Marcus Kelnee has become a prominent power in the Draconis Cluster. Kelnee has five “native” intelligence races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dolphins and Whales.

Kiawtor (Arch-F) - E9A04??-4

Ktashisnif - X85A000-0
The mining colonies that were once here are now abandoned. Now only the persistent rumors of lost treasure bring any one to the uninteresting planets in this system

Mal' Quun - B822418-B
Site of RaTanie mining operations and a research facility.

Meraresha - B0313C8-C
Eight of this system’s worlds and moons have colonies with colonist representing a dozen different races; Kelnee, Rankon, Rastun, RaTanie, Dolphins, Squirrels, Lopduns, Otterean, Hops, Weasels, Leoins and Cortu’gi. Located on the fourth planets marginally inhabited moon is the Draconis Cluster’s “Capitol”, a meeting place for many of the Clusters races.

Notla (Arch-B) - D84A7?2-6

Orden (Arch-F) - AC569?C-C

Ordon - A674665-F
This world has been extensively colonized by Kelnee.

Pamina - A675578-A
Pamina was settled by colonist from Papageno and though an independent world still maintains close ties with Papageno.

Panja (Arch-B) - A8757?4-E

Papageno - A18A775-D
This small verdant world is the Home world for the Otterean, Hops and Weasels and also supports many Whales and Dolphins.

Psi2200 - E7607?4-6

Pukli(Arch-F) - B5A95??-C

Quintor - B800467-C
Industrial and mining colonies form Yanbeck are located below the surface of this airless world.

RaTa - A99383A-E
This is the home world of the RaTanie, the dog people.

Rankong - A5649C4-E
Rankong is the home world for the Rankon, a golden skinned humanoid race. The Rankon are lead by the Church of True Light, a religious order that holds all other races to be inferior to the chosen Rankon.

Santron - A7718?A-C
The Humans of Santron where the first to develop stardrives and travel between the stars over two hundred years ago, but a war with Sirtron left both worlds devistated. Today Santron exists in isolation with its colony Sandlot and the occupied world of Sirtron. The exception to Santron's islation is the High Port which has regularlly scheduled flights passing through and also allows access to off world traders.

Sarastro - C869543-4
Sarastro is the Luefin home word. The Luefin are an aquatic race with most oftehm living in a region know as the Leftol Shallows. In recent years a small number of Dolfins have settled on Sarastro.

Sargoth -
Sargoth is the home world of the Saurians

Severn - D362???-1?
Recent reports of a primative race living on Severn have resulted in the founding of a research base.

Sirtron - C675??A-B
Sirtron is the home world of the Drac-Mar who were devestated by a war with Santron over a hundred years ago. When Santron regained the abilty to reach the stars the first thing it did was return to Sirtron seeking retribution against any survivors they discovered. Today the Drac-Mar are still subject to the harsh genocidal occipation by Santron.

Sternside - B6A80A2-D
The only thing of note in the system is the waystation that sells refined fuel to passing starships.

Tamino - FC64110-D
A small way station is maintained in this system by Papageno.

TieA (Arch-B) - BB66A?F-8

U-37 - X141000-0
U-37 was the site of a Hrent colony but is now an interdicted world. Hrent stations a patrol crusier in the system to maintain the interdiction.

Urgath -

Vorgast - A65632C-F
Vorgast is the home of the enigmatic Brotherhood of Fire and thier legendary forges and factories. The Brotherhoood produces some of the most technological equipment in the cluster and is willing to sell it to any who can meet their high prices.

Wath Fa - E888777-2
Wath Fa is the home world of the hawk people.

Yanbeck - A656845-C
This planet is the home world for the Squirrels. A beautiful world of roling green hills and lush woods, or at least that's what all the travel brouchers say.

Zelag - D178600-3
The high background radiation of this world is responsible for an incredible mutation rate among the world’s inhabitants.

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