Defender class Far Cruiser

The Defender

5,000 ton Far Cruiser

Scrutiny, criticism, and controversy all seemed to be a fact of life for the Kelnee Royal Navy's new Flagship, Defender. The Royal Navy shocked many when, instead of commissioning a new class of battle cruiser to bolster the Navy's aging fleet, they decided all they really needed was a light muli-mission cruiser. The press and many defense analysts where still lambasting the militaries decision when it was revealed that the crew's accommodations aboard the Defender would be roomy even by passenger ship standards, this caused many critics to refer to the Defender as "The Pleasure Boat" after a popular holo program about ten years ago. The next major controversy surfaced when the King himself granted then title and position of Lord of the Defender to none other than Commander David Whitworth, less than 30 at the time, Commander Whitworth was considered "The sort of chap who just didn't belong in the Royal Navy" by many senior commanders. Whitworth, who had graduated top of his class from the Royal Military Academy, had developed many unconventional ideas about star ship combat while serving detached duty with the RaTa Defense Forces. As the ship was nearing its inaugural voyage Lord Whitworth astounded everyone with his choice for Galley Hand. Traditionally Galley Hands on Kelnee Royal Naval ships are young boys about 10 to 14 years old. For about six months young boys from all over Kelnee and even Ordon had been sending messages to Lord Whitworth and hoping that they would be chosen for duty on the Defender. Lord Whitworth shocked the planet by selecting Cindy Drake, a twelve year old girl from Woodsfields in Chaster Shire. Some, such as the Female Freedom Society, applauded the decision, but many others including the Church denounced the decision. The Royal Court refused to comment on Lord Whitworth's decision. Finally on August 3rd, 52 with much fanfare and in spite of the many controversies surrounding her construction, the Defender jumped into hyperspace on the first leg of her inaugural voyage.

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data



                   ROF        Very Short  Short       Medium      Long        Extreme
5,000Mj Meson Gun   10         5:177      10:88       20:42       40:21
750Mj Laser        800         5:1/22-68  10:1/22-68  20:1/22-68  40:1/22-68  80:1/22-68
385Mj Laser        100         5:1/16-49  10:1/16-49  20:1/16-49  40:1/16-49  80:1/16-49
170Mj Laser        100         5:1/10-33  10:1/10-33  20:1/10-33  40:1/10-33  80:1/10-33



Damage Tables

Area   Surface Hits     Internal Damage                 Systems
1      1-7:Ant          1:LT(170Mj), 2:Meson Srceen,    JD-70H           MD-145H
                        3-4:Meson Gun, 5-6:Hold,        PP-44H           AG-14H
                        7-9:Nuclear Damper, 10-20:Elec  SSR-(2h)         LSR-(3h) 
2-3    Ant              1-2:Meson Gun, 1-9:Missile Bay, LS-5H            ELS-2H
                        10-20:Hold                      ECCM-7H          ECM-(2h)
4-5    1-10:Ant         1-2:LT(385Mj), 3-18:Hold        480000 AEMS-(2h) Meson Comm-3H     
6-7    AL               1:LT(170Mj), 2-3:Meson Gun,     LT(170Mj)-1H     MFD-(2h)
			3-11:Hold, 10-20:Qrts           LT(385Mj)-1H     LT(750Mj)-5H
8-9    AL               1-2:Meson Gun, 3-20:Hold        Missile Bay-3H   Meson Gun-35H
10                      1-2:Meson Gun, 3-20:LT(750Mj)   N Damper-6       Meson Screen-1H
11     1:AL 2-8:Port    1-2:Meson Gun, 3-20:Hold        Launch-7         FPP-16
       9-10:Cargo Hatch                                 All Others-(1h)
12-13  1:AL 2-6:ECCR    1-4:Elec, 5-20:Qrts                
14-15                   1:LT(170Mj), 2-20:Hold
16-17  1-5:ECCR         Eng
18                      1-9:Hold, 10-20:Eng
19     AL               1-9:Hold, 10-20:Eng
20     1:AL 2-4:EMMR    Eng  

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats

Defender class Far Cruiser

Deck Plans

Level 1: Command Center

more detailed view of Level 1 738x273, 31K
1) Main Bridge
2) Computer Room
3) Electronics Room
4) Conference Room

Level 2: Officers Quarters

more detailed view of Level 2 873x218, 17K
1) Lord's Lounge (access to the Super Laser Turret)
2) Guest Rooms
3) Large Staterooms
4) Lord's Suite
5) Air locks
6) Life Support Power
7) Stardrive Engineering (open down to Level 4)
8) Stardrive

Level 3: Crew Quarters

more detailed view of Level 3 1,185x360, 34K
1) Labs
2) Sickbay
3) Medical Low Berths
4) Large Staterooms
5) Small Staterooms
6) Airlocks
7) Turret access Corridors
8) Stardrive Engineering (open down to Level 4)
7) Stardrive

Level 4: Crew Quarters, Stardive Engineering, Main Life Support and Auxiliary Control

more detailed view of Level 4 1,350x570, 33K
1) Auxiliary Control
2) Small Staterooms
3) Mess Hall
4) Galley
5) Steward's Office
6) Laundry Room
7) Gymnasium
8) Quarter Master's Office
9) Counselor's Office
10) Holorooms
11) Life Support
12) Stardrive Engineering (open down to Level 4)
13) Stardrive

Level 5: Communications and Sensors

more detailed view of Level 5 1,482x752, 31K
1) Primary Sensors and Communicators Room
2) Main Engineering (open to Level 6)
3) Power Plants
4) Thrusters
5) Airlocks

Level 6: Engineering and Gunnery

more detailed view of Level 6 1,533x764, 60K
1) Missel Bays
2) Fire Control
3) Turret Access Corridors
4) Machine Shop
5) Electronics Shop
6) Main Engineering
7) Power Plants
8) Thrusters

Level 7: Armory, Security and Men-at-Arms Quarters

more detailed view of Level 7 1,377x559, 24K
1) Security and the Brig
2) Armory
3) Airlocks
4) Small Staterooms
5) Large Staterooms
6) Lounges
7) Meson Gun

Level 8: Cargo Hold, Lander and Emergency Low Berths

more detailed view of Level 8 1,181x370, 27K
1) Airlock
2) Material Handler's Office
3) Cargo Hold
4) Lander
5) Emergency Low Berths (a.k.a. The Crypt)


The ship was built using Brilliant Lances and the StarShip Design System, which was developed on the GDW-Beta List by David Golden and many others for T4. There are a few things I did when designing the ship that deviate from Bril' Lances and SSDS. The ship's acceleration is based on it's thrust to mass ratio which give the ship a G-rating of 4.04 as opposed to thrust to volume ratio which would result in a G-rating of 5.80. All the staterooms are 50% larger than standard staterooms of the same type. Also the Ship has a few non-standard facilities: An Armory, a Brig and a Lord's Suite (basically just two large staterooms put together).

Chris' Custom     Mass          Volume  Power    Cost
Facilities        (Metric Tons) (m3)    (MW)     (MCr.)
Small Stateroom     3            42     0.00075  0.07
Large Stateroom     6            84     0.0015   0.15
Lord's Suite       12           168     0.003    0.3
Armory            134.4         224     1        2.5
Brig               54.6         182     0.8      1

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By Chris Cox A.K.A.
Special thanks to Derek Stanley for rewriting the intorduction.
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