Burov class Far Trader

KenFee Interstellar, Burov class

200dton Far Trader

The Burov class free trader is the oldest and one of the most successful designs to come out of the KenFee Interstellar shipyards on Yanbeck. The Burov was designed to be an inexpensive no-frills way to transport beings and goods between star systems. The Burovís jump drive gives it a range of 2 parsecs and its thrusters are cable of accelerating 2,000 tons at 1G. The greatest strength of the Burov is the ease in which KenFee is able to produce ships of different passenger and cargo capacities to meet customers requirements. One of the more well know, if not infamous, variations is the 40 passenger type used by the DC Discount Starline (Detailed above). The Brightly colored ships of DC Discount are a common sight thought out the central Draconis Cluster. The cramp and sparten conditions are quite often made worst by DC allowing multiple beings to occupy rooms clearly designed for only one. Despite these conditions, DC Discountís prices ensure that staterooms are rarely unoccupied. On the other end of the scale, KenFee has produce many Burovs designed primarily a cargo haulers. The most common cargo hauler variant has 112dtons of cargo and 6 small staterooms. Recently orders for Burovs have fallen dramatically in part due to the designís age but mostly due to many recent and well publicized disasters involving Burovs. KenFee contends that several of the disasters involving older ships were the result of improper maintenance. The two most recent disasters both involved DC Discount ships, with DC Discount claiming sabotage in both cases.

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data




Damage Tables

Area  Surface Hits  Internal Damage          Systems
1     1-4: Ant.     1-9: Elec. 10-19: Hold   JD-3H  LS-7H
                    20: Qtrs.                MD-2H  ELS-4H
2-3                 Qtrs.                    PP-3H  SSR-44x2h
4-5                 Hold                     AG-1H
6     1: AL         Qrts.                    All Others-1h
7                   Qrts.
8-9                 Hold
10                  Qrts.
11                  Hold
12-13               Qrts.
14-15               Hold
16-17               Qrts.
18-19               1-4: Eng. 5-20: Hold
20                  1-7:Eng 8-20: Hold

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats (a.k.a. T4)

KenFee Interstellar - Burov class Far Trader (Type FL, passenger liner)
QSDS 1.5

Tons: 200 Std (Streamlined) Volume: 2,8000 m^3           Cost: 58.6MCr
Crew: 4                    High/Mid Pass: 0/40           Low: 0
Cargo: 43 Std              Controls: Std                TL: 12

8 Size                                2 Jump Drive (20 Std/Pc Fuel)
                                      1 Maneuver (Thruster, 56 Mw)
                                      1.25 Power Plant (125Mw)
                                      41.3Std Fuel
                                      A1 P3 J9 Sensors
                                      10 Armor, 9 Structure

Crew Detail:1xPilot/Astrogator, 1xEngineer, 1xSteward 1xMedic
Note: the ship has 44 small staterooms

Deck Plans

Lower Level: Cockpit, Hold, Fuel, Engineering

more detailed view of the lower level 1,033x655, 42K

Upper Level: Quarters

more detailed view of the upper level 1,033x600, 56K


This ship was built using Guy "wildstar" Garnett's QSDS version 1.5. To get the TNE style data the ship was roughly redesinged using FF&S and a spreadsheet found at the Vyborg campaign home page.
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Also available are two other variations of the Burov

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