Tech Level 16 Fusion Pistol

1.13cm Fusion Pistol

Tech Level 16

The tech level 16 1.13 cm fusion pistol has only just started appearing around the Cluster and represents the most advance weapon currently being manufactured. These weapon bear the unmistakable mark of the Brotherhood of Fire, the strange and secretive techno-order from the planet Vorgast. The Brotherhood is said to charge over 20,000 Cr for these weapons and with them being so new and hard to find others are selling them for up to 100,000 Cr (note: the price listed below is the "Fusion, Fire & Steel" calculated price)


Firing Unit Mass : 0.03kg
Support Hardware Mass : 0.03kg
Price : 136CR

Inertial Compensator Mass : 0.03 Compensator Price : 34CR

16 GCFC Power Cartridges
Magazine Mass : 0.38 Price : 4CR
GCFC Round Mass : 0.01kg GCFC Round Price : 0.14CR

Features : Laser Sight

Total Mass : 1.50kg
Total Price(unloaded) : 173.81CR
Range(short/medium/long/extrem) : 28/56/112/224 meters
Damage : 6 Penetration : 1-2-10
Recoil : 7 Bulk : 1

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