Game Aids for use with Traveller

BooBoos Fire, Fusion & Steel Errata and Addendum
Here is the errata for the ill fated second version of Fire, Fusion & Steel that was put out by Imperium Games

Here is a Spreadsheet to aid in designing starships with High Guard
XLS This is the Excel 95 version
XLS This is the Excel 2 version
TXT and this is the text file that helps explain the spreadsheets
These spreadsheets were designed for use with High Guard and assume that you are already are familiar with High Guard.

Here are some rules I wrote for creating Antimatter Partical Accelorator Weapons (A-PAWs) with Fire, Fusion & Steel

These are some Visuai Basic program that I wrote. These all require that you have vbrun300.dll on you system. If you don't have vbrun300.dll on your system you can download it from Microsoft. Just do a Keyword seach for vbrun300 for Windows 95.
Bow Weapon Designer aids in designung bow weapons using the design sequence found in the World Tamer's Handbook.
Gauss Gun Designer aids in designung gauss guns using the design sequence found in the original version of Fire, Fusion & Steel.
Man Portable Energy Weapons Designer aids in designung fusion and plasma guns using the design sequence found in the original version of Fire, Fusion & Steel.

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