TL13 Gauss Gun

10mm Gauss Gun

Tech Level 13

The original design of the 10mm Gauss rifle dates back nearly a hundred years when Rankong contracted the Brotherhood of Fire to produce a rifle for Rankong’s elite warriors, the Guardians of the Light. During the decades that followed the 10mm Gauss Rifle gained an almost mythical reputation for accuracy and stopping power. Although 10mm Gauss Rifles are no longer used by the Guardians of Light and are no longer manufactured by the Brotherhood of Fire, nearly identical copies are still being produced on a couple of worlds.


Ammo : 10x50mm
Muzzle Velocity : 2000m/sec Muzzle Energy : 15,700joules
Length : 71cm Bulk : 4
Mass(empty) : 5.64kg Mass(loaded) : 5.72kg Price : 3,185CR

Magazine Capacity : 10 rounds
Magazine Mass(empty) : 0.07kg Magazine Mass(loaded) : 0.14kg
Magazine Price(empty) : 0.13CR Magazine Price(loaded) : 3.27CR
Battery Mass : 1.55kg Battery Price : 3.11CR

Ammo Mass : 7.85gm
Ammo Price(dart) : 0.31CR Ammo Price(HE) : 0.63CR
Ammo Price(HEAP) : 0.94CR Ammo Price(Tranq) : 0.63CR

Features : Electronic Sight, Shock Absorber, Laser Sight, Silencible

Round   Dam Val    Pen Rtg    Recoil    Short Range
Dart     8         1-2-4      3      200( 180)
HE       9          Nil       3      150( 135)
HEAP     9         2-2-2      3      150( 135)
Tranq   -1          Nil       3       30( 30)

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