God's Cloth

The short pale merchant smiles as he talks to you
"You look like the sort who would appreciate something like this special cloth. Note the beautiful golden color and light weight and yet this material has the ability to stop bullets and it never gets wrinkled."
Somehow though his story would be more believable if his miracle cloth wasn't just sitting there amongst the ashtrays and polycarb wares.

Though the merchant does not know it the cloth is from Jokaltar where it is known as God's Cloth and is used to make the sacred clothing of the Living God, who rules the planet. Garments made of God's Cloth should be treated as ballistic cloth with a protection rating of 3. And Yes, God's Cloth will stay free of wrinkles.


Armor Value: 3
Hit location Mass (kg)
Chest: .25
Abdamin: .25
Full Torso: .5
Arms: .25
Legs: .5
Hood: .125

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