GS13-A Hoshisame(Star Shark) Class Gun Sloop

GS13-A Hoshisame

(Star Shark)

Class Gun Sloop

The original naval requirements for the Hoshisame called for a small fast heavily armed system attack boat. However just as the first two test craft were nearing completion, the navy decide that the Hoshisames should also be jump capable to allow for rapid redeployment to neighboring systems if needed. Thus was born the Hoshisame class gun sloop, a small heavily armed starship with minimal crew accommodations, there are only six bunks for the crew of eight requiring four members of the crew to share bunks, also known as hot bunking. If fact the crews of the Hoshisame are giving quarters off the ship at the base the ship is assigned to. With time it was found that most of the Hoshisames only used their jump capability to get to their initial duty stations. With the jump drives being hardly ever used the navy decided that what it really wanted was a small fast heavily armed system attack boat resulting in production of the Hoshisame B. The two major differences Between the original Hoshisames and the newer Hoshisame Bs are the Bs lack of a jump drive obviously and the Bs increased missile capacity of 28.



Engineering Data



			Short		Medium		Long		Ext.
150-Mj Laser Turret	1:1/10-30	2:1/10-30	4:1/10-30	8:1/10-30


				Damage Tables
Area(1D20)	Surface Hits   		Internal Damage       		Systems
1		Ant			Elec				JD-1H		MD-1H
2-3		Ant			1-14: Elec, 15-20: Qrts		PP-6H		AG-1H
4-5		Ant			MBy				LS-4H		ELS-2H
6-7					1-12: LT, 13-20 Hold		LT-1H		MBy-1H
8-9					1-7: MBy, 8-20 Hold		EMM-(3h)	EMMR-(1h)
10		1-11: Ant		Qrts				Bunks-(1h)
11		1: AL			1: Qrts, 2-20: Hold		240 AEMS-(2h)
12-13		1-6: Ant		Hold				All Others-(1h)
14-15					Hold				
16-17					1-7: Eng, 8-14 Qrts, 15-20 Hold	
18-19					1-7: Eng, 8-20 Hold		
20		1: AL, 2-4: EMMR	1: Qrts, 2-19: Eng, 20: Hold	

A larger version of the deck plans (27K,1565x705) is available.

A Quik Tour of the Ship

The Upper Deck:
Starting forward and making our way aft we first come to the brigde. The bridge has four crew stations for the missile gunner, sensor operator, pilot and commander. Next we come to the gangway that when down allows access to the lower deck. Aft of the gangway is the ship's six bunks and the crews personnal lockers. Not only do four of the crew members have to share two of the bunks, but four of them must also share two of the lockers. After the Bunk area is an access hatch to the lower deck. And finally in the aft of the upper deck is the ships head, or bathroom.

The Lower Deck:
In the forward section of the lower deck is an access corridor to allow maintenance on the ship's electronic gear. Aft of that is the lower deck's gangway that, when down, allows access in and out of the ship. This area is used as the main air lock and also acts as the cargo hold. Located port and starboard of the gangway area are the ship's missile bays, with each containing eight missiles. Behind the missile bays are the two laser turrets. Travelling past the laser turrets we come to the engine room with it's two power plants, two HERlaR engines and the ship's jump drive. And in the very aft is the second airlock.


The crew calculation for the Hoshisame using Fusion, Fire & Steel, (FF& S), came out to 11, (2xCommand, 2xEngineering, 2xManeuver, 2x Electronics, 3xGunnery). This number was a little higher than what I wanted so I changed it to 8. However if you prefer you can use the FF& S crew of 11. this would have all of the crew, but 1, hot bunking. Also this ship is designed with both of the missile bays controlled by one gunner on the bridge using a Master Fire Director, (MFD).

Some suggestions for using the Hoshisame class gun sloop in the New Era.

A Hoshisame may be encountered as a trader with one or both missile bays converted to cargo bays. This would give a Hoshisame an additional 94.5 m or 189 m of cargo space. The Reformation Coalition could find, overhaul and then use several Hoshisames. However, it is unlikely that the Coalition would build Hoshisames due to the Coalition's need for ships that are better suited support it's aggressive exploration program. However, In Pocket Empires where defending against hostiles is the primary mission of space forces, Hoshisame gun sloops may be found in use or even being built.

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