Arrek class Lander

Tech Level 11 Arrek class

50 ton Utility Lander

The Arrek class Utility Lander is a very common sight at starports, spaceports, orbital facilities, or any where that intrasystem shipping takes place.

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data



Damage Table

Area Surface Hits Internal Damage Systems
1 1-8 Ant. 1-19 Elec.; 20 Hold MD-1H
2-3 1 Elec; 2-20 Hold PP-2H
4-17 Hold GC-3h
Engs. All Others-(1h)
20 1-14 Cargo Hatch Hold
Ant.=Antenna, Elec.=Electronics, Engs.=Engines, MD=Manuver Drive, PP=Power Plant, GC=Grav Compensators

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats

Bull class Assault Lander

Deck Plan

A larger and better quality verion of the deckplan (50K, 800x341) is available


The ship is design to be compatable with the Standard Starship Design Syustem (SSDS) with the exception that accelleration is based on power to mass and not power to volume. The lander uses a Tech Level 8 fission power plant, because at Tech Level 11 the minimum size for a fusion power plant is 10 displacement tons or 140 cubic meters.

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