Diafrenzo Long Trader

The Diafrenzo

(Divine Maddness)

200 ton Long Trader

The Diafrenzo is similar to many ships built or upgraded as a result of the outbreak of the civil war. These ships incorporate as much speed, armor, stealth, weapons and redundant systems as possible to survive while still having some space left for cargo. Many of these ships operated commercially in areas where traveling between stars was hazardous. Their masters could get exorbitant sums for risking to go where others wouldn't. Some of these ships, like the Diafrenzo, were own by the very rich ready to flee from the tides of war if necessary.

The Story of the Diafrenzo:

With the outbreak of civil war, industrialist Lauren McGiller decided that a fast well armored ship may come in handy and had work started on just this kind of ship. As the war continued, McGiller lost contact with her only daughter Ezmarelda, who was top researcher in her field. McGiller desperately tried to get in contact with her daughter, while pushing to get her ship completed. An Aslan friend of Ezmarelda's contacted McGiller and told her that Ezmarelda was being held with the rest of her research team at a top secret deep space research station. Within 24 hours of receiving this news McGiller along with several friends and hirelings was taking off in her new not quit finished ship, the Diafrenzo. A perilous raid on the top secret deep space research station ended the rescue of Ezmarelda and several members of her team, but not without cost. After the rescue, the Diafrenzo started to make its way towards the fringes. On several worlds, tales are still told of the adventures of the Diafrenzo and it’s crew.



Engineering Data



		       Short       Medium        Long            Ext.
150-Mj Laser Turret  10:1/10-30   20:1/10-30   40:1/10-30     80:1/10-30


				Damage Tables
Area(1D20)	Surface Hits   		Internal Damage       		Systems
1		Ant			Elec				JD-1H		MD-1H
2		Ant			1-7:Elec,8-16:Qrts,17-20:Hold	PP-3H		AG-1H
3		Ant			1-6:Elec, 7-15:Qrts,16-20:Hold	SSR-(2h)	CG-1H
4		Ant			Hold				LS-4H		ELS-2H
5		1: AL 2-12:Ant		1:Qrts,2-20 Hold		LT-1H		MFD-(2h)
6-7		Ant			Hold				EMM-1H	EMMR-(2h)
8-9		1-5 Lifters, 6-20: Ant	Hold				Bunks-(1h)	Batteries-3H
10		1: AL			Qrts				300 PEMS-1H	FPP-1H
11		Lifters			1-7: Eng, 8-20: Hold		All Others-(1h)
12-13		1-5: Lifters, 6-20: Ant	Hold				
14-15					Hold	
16-19					1-12: Eng, 13-20 Hold		
20		1-8: EMMR		Eng	

A larger version of the deckplans (41K,1118x1076) is available


The crew calculation using Fusion, Fire & Steel (FF& S) came out to 11 (2xCommand, 5xEngineering, 2xManeuver, 2x Electronics, 1xGunnery). This was larger that what I wanted so I changed the crew to 6. However, the FF& S crew figure can still be use if the crew were to sleep in shifts, otherwise known as hot bunking.

Several suggestions for using the Diafrenzo:

The discovery of the Diafrenzo in star worthy shape would not only give a group of adventurers a way to travel to other worlds, but also gives them a mystery to solve; what happened to the crew and why was the ship abandoned in nearly perfect condition ( One of the ship computers is not working. Another option is to have the players encounter the Diafrenzo being captained by Ezmarelda’s granddaughter, Annie Theresa. The players could become members of the Diafrenzo’s crew. This option might work best if Annie Theresa is played as an introverted techie scientist. With Annie Theresa more interested in tinkering with her gizmos and experiments than the operation of the ship, the players would have a large say in the direction of their adventures.

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