Ansha Starship Cooperative

Erlir Class

600dton Patrol Cruiser

The Erlir Class Patrol Cruiser is built by the Ansha Starship Cooperative on Ansha. Ansha has long been in a state of cold war with the nearby world of Gadirur. When the Imperial expansion came Ansha quickly become a member of the Imperium. Ansha benefited from its membership in the Imperium by gaining allied against Gadirur while the Imperium gained a means of keeping Gadirur, which had been hostile to Imperium advances, in check. The Erlir Class Patrol Cruiser is the first ship to be built by the Ansha Starship Cooperative that is fully compatible with Imperial Naval Service standards. Despite full comparability with INS standards, the Erlir class is distinctly different from typical Imperial vessels in appearance. Like all ship built on Ansha the Erlir has a very organic shape. Even more striking than the shape are the wild colour schemes that are exhibited on Ansha ships. The abstract color schemes are painted on the ships by artist priests, who while having to follow certain guidelines still maintain much freedom to determine the ship's final apperance.

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Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data



                   ROF     Very Short   Short        Medium       Long    
TL12 251Mj Laser   100     10: 1/13-40  20: 1/11-33  40: 1/5-17   80: 1/3-8



Damage Tables

(1D20) Surface              Hits		     Systems
1                           Elec                     JD-8H     MD-11H
2-3    1-13, Ant            1-6, Elec; 7-19, Qtrs;   PP-48H    AG-2H
                            20 Wpns                  FPP-2H    AL-6x1h
4      1, AL; 2-13, Ant	    1-6, Elec; 7-19, Qtrs;   FT-18H    HULL-4H
                            20 Wpns                  LS-9H     ELS-5H
5      1-12, Ant	    1-6, Elec; 7-19, Qtrs;   AEMS-2h   MFD-6x1H
                            20 Wpns                  PEMS-1h   PEMS Ant-1h
6-7    1, AL; 2-5, Screen   Wpns                     EMM-1H    EMM Rad-8h
8-9    1-4, Screen          Wpns                     MS-1H     ND-2x1H
10-11                       1-2, Eng; 3-13, Wpns;    LSR-5x1H  SSR-20x2h
                            14-20 Fuel               LT-20x1H  All Others-1h
12-15                       Fuel                     ST-2x1H
16-17  1-4, EMM Rad         Eng
18-19  1, AL; 2-5, EMM Rad  Eng
20     1, AL                Eng

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats (a.k.a. T4)

Erlir Class Patrol Cruiser (Type PC) 
(QSDS 1.5, The Big Hull List & SSDS)

Tons: 600dton (Needle S)  Volume: 8400 m3  Cost: 884.8MCr (669.3MCr)
Crew:  23                   Hi/Md P: 2        Low P: 0
Cargo: 12.6dton            Controls: Fib/Bridge  TL: 12

Size: 8                     2   Jump (60dton/Pc Fuel)
                            4   Maneuver (T-plate, 24000 T/Thr)
Lsr trt 4x(+4) 1/6-5-3-2    8   Power Plant (2000 + 200, 200 MW)
Msl barb 2                126.4 Fuel (S 240 R 3)
MFD 2x(+4) (8 ctrld)        4   Meson Screen (6 MW)
                            2   Sandcasters (60 cans)
1 Sickbay 8dton             2   Nuclear Damper (15 MW)
                           A16 P5 J16 Sensors (EMM 8.4MW)
                           20   Armor  19 Structure
                           96.8 Length (m)

Crew: 23 (2 elec 4 engr 2 mnvr 6 gun 5 scrn 3 cmd 1 medic 4 troops)

Notes: The ship has 24 bunks, 5 large staterooms and an additional 20tons of 
facilities to accommodate the ship’s crew and two additional passengers.  While 
at full acceleration, 4Gs, the ship’s crew can operate a full efficiency as long 
as they are strapped into their work stations.  However, in order for damage 
control operations to take place the ship can only use a maximum of 3Gs of 
acceleration.  The ship’s 4 laser batteries with five lasers each can easily be 
configured to operate as 2 batteries with 10 lasers each and would have a rating 
of (+4) 1/9-9-5-3.  There is only enough fuel for the power plant to run at full 
power for 3 months

Design notes

The Erlir is pretty much a typical Patrol Cruiser. The design favors features over cost. The design was done with the assistance of Craig Barry’s QSDS spread sheet and includes a hull from Guy Garrnett’s Big Hull List and EMM from SSDS. To get the TNE style data the ship was roughly redesinged using FF&S and a spreadsheet found at the Vyborg campaign home page. The ship acceration is the only real difference between the TNE style design and the T4 design. The acceleration of the TNE Style design is based on the mass of the ship and is only 2Gs, while the T4 design is based on volume and is 4Gs. Personally I preffer using mass based acceleration. The length for the ship was roughly calculated from drawings of the ship. And finally a thanks to Dr. Mark Clark for posting his design to the TML. After seeing his design I decided to spilt the 2 batteries of 10 lasers into 4 batteries of 5.
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