Sage's Tears

Sage's Tears are a small dark bluish crystals that when crushed and ingested improves concentration and recall. Sage's Tears are very rare and difficult to find resulting in the crystals selling for 5,000 Cr or more a gram. The crystal are so shrouded in mystery and secrecy, many believe that Sage's Tears are merely a modern legend. To date almost no research has been done because researchers have been unable to acquire Sage's Tears. This lack of research has led to Sage's Tears being illegal on many worlds.


Price: 2,500Cr or more per dose
Dosage: 0.5gm
Effect: Adds 1-3(1d6/2) points to intelligence and 0-2((1d6/2)-1) points to charisma
Duration: 11-20 hours (1d10+10)
Side Effects: Prolonged or continuos usage can lead to a physical addiction.

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