The Regulator

990 ton System Defense Boat

The IN-SDB Guinness on patrol

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The Regulator Class System Defense Boats were built and first put into service at Gresham ( 3138 Diaspora Sector) in 1098. Since then Regulators have been stationed on numerous worlds throughout the Diaspora, Daibei, Solomani Rim, Old Expanses and Delphi Sectors. The Regulator is a balanced combination of offensive punch and defensive toughness. Their offensive punch come from a combination of its 2,500MJ Particle weapon, its 12 375MJ lasers and its missile bay with 40 ready missiles. Balancing out its Punch is its defensive toughness with from 6.4cm of bonded superdense armor, 12 sandcaster turrets, nuclear damper, meson screen and 750 sensor decoys. There are two less common variants of the Regulator. One replaces the particle weapon with a 1,000MJ meson gun, while the other does away with the main weapon altogether making room for additional fuel. In general practice Regulator squadrons are made up of 4 to 8 boats with no more than 1 boat having a meson gun for it main weapon and the rest having particle weapons. In areas more distant from the Imperial boarders it not uncommon to find the additional fuel Regulators where their longer endurance is more important than having a main weapon. The 3481st Defense Squadron station at Scaramouche ( 2509 Solomani Rim Sector) is unusual because all 4 of the Regulators in the squadron have meson guns. The planet of Neefi ( 2210 Diaspora) received a squadron of additional fuel Regulators shortly after completing its new class C starport. Unfortunately the First Neefi Defense Squadron has become know throughout the sector as the Party Squadron. This is due in some part because of the squadron commanderís relaxed leadership style and the boats being crewed mostly with locals. However, the primary reason the First Neefi Defense Squadron is know as the Party Squadron is probably the names of the squadrons 5 boats: the Adams, Foster, Weinhard, Labatt, and Guinness

TNE stats

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data



                   ROF        Short       Medium      Long        Extreme
2,500MJ N-PAW      200max     10:250      20:250      40:250      80:147
375Mj Laser        800max     10:1/15-48  20:1/15-48  40:1/15-48  80:1/15-48



Damage Tables

Area   Surface Hits        Internal Damage                    Systems
1      1, AL: 2-11, Ant     1-12, Wpn: 13-20, Fuel            PP-14H    MD-4H
2-3    1-10, Ant            Fuel                              FPP-4H    AG-2H
4-5    1-9, Ant             1-10, Wpn: 11-20, Fuel            FT-53H    AL-5x1h
6-7    1-5 Scr              1-10, Elec: 11-20, Qrts           LS-25H    HULL-10H
8-9                         1-4, Wpn: 5-19, Qrts: 20, Fuel    AEMS-2x2h ELS-13H
10-11                       Wpn                               PEMS-1h   MFD-15x2h
12-13                       1-10, Elec: 11-20, Qrts           EMM-1H    PEMS Ant-2h
14-15                       1-4, Wpn: 5-20, Fuel              MS-1H     EMM Rad-13h
16-17  1-4, EMM Rad         1-4, Eng: 5-20, Fuel              LSR-30x1H ND-1H
18-19  1-4, EMM Rad: 5, CH  1-5, Hold: 6-9, Eng: 10-20, Fuel  LT-12x1H  LBth-10x1h
20     1: AL                Eng                               ST-12x1H  All Others-1h

Battle Rider stats

P10:7-7-7-4       -1
-    Tl:13
-    FC:-6
L(*12)10:2-2-2-2 M:12(40)
A:12 P:8 J:8 Msk (SP) G6
AV:5        -
MS:6 SC:12 D:1    15/23


There are 2 major variations of the Regulator class. The first variation replaces the Particle Accelerator (N-PAW) with a Meson Gun while the second one replaces the N-PAW with additional fuel tankage.

The Major differences between the Meson and the N-PAW versions are:
Price: 644.5MCr
Weight Loaded/Empty: 11,304.6/10,902.7
G-Rating: 6.1G HEPlaR (568.3 MW/G)
G-Turns: 73.2 (6 hours at full thrust)
1xTL-15 1,000MJ Meson gun (Loc: 1, Arcs: ,27.8MW)
The Meson Gun may be overpowerd:
-2 Diff Mods with 277.8MW power input
-1 Diff Mods with 138.9MW power input

                   ROF                Effective  Very Short  Short  Medium  Long
1,000Mj Meson Gun  100max(10 typical) 3:158      5:100       10:50  20:25   27:13

The Major differences between the Additional Fuel and the N-PAW versions are:
Price: 559.8MCr
Weight Loaded/Empty: 10,501.2/10,037.4
G-Rating: 6.6 (526.7MW/G)
G-Turns: 92.4 (7 hours at full thrust)


This boat was designed with acceleration based on the boat's mass. However if Regulator's acceleration was based on Volume the Regulator could have an Armor Rating of 300 , Acceleration of 7.0Gs (495MW/G), 84 G-truns (6hours at full thrust), Fuel tankage of 5,237.9m3, Total power usage of 3928MW (for a power surplus of 322MW), and a price of 613.3MCr and still be a legal FF&S (TNE edition) design.
This boat was designed with the assitance of Antti Lahtinen's most excellent spreadsheet.
And a thanks to Michael Koehne for the Battle Rider stats.

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