Kukri class

800ton System Defense Boat



Ceiling hatch

Floor hatch



The deckplans are laid out on a 2 meter grid. The height between deck is 3 meters. 2 elevators and a stairwell run through the center of the boat. The entryways to the stairwell on each deck can be sealed with emergency doors.

Deck 0

Electronics attic: 2 computers and a majority of the ship's sensor, avionics, and communicators are here

Deck 1

Bridge: Located in the bridge are the workstations for the Commander, Sub Commander, Master-at-Arms, Pilot, Communications Operator, Lead Engineer, Security Leader, Security Sub Leader, and 2 Sensor Operators. The six staterooms on this deck are usually assigned to the the boat's senior staff: Commander, Sub Commander, Master-at-Arms, Doctor, Security Leader and Sub Leader

Deck 2

Crew quarters: The 32 bunks for the ships crew are located in 2 bunkrooms. The crew's bunk are arranged in pairs with an upper bunk over a lower bunk. Personal storage is located under the lower bunk. A senior staff mess and a crew mess are where the crew prepare and eat their meals. The Workout room features 4 interactive workout stations. The rec room has a large HoloVid player and is where the boat's laundry equipment is located. Also the boat's bulkier life support equipment is on this deck and is reached by access panels in one of the bunk room and the workout room.

Deck 3

Laser bays: 2 staterooms can be use by either passengers or selected members of the general crew. The boat's laser are controlled by 4 workstations located on this deck.

Deck 4

Cargo hold: 4 airlocks and 2 cargo hatches serve as the primary entrances into the boat. The 8 missile barbetts and 2 MFD workstation are located on this deck. The boat's sickbay features a surgery room, a 2 bed intensive care room and a small dispensary.

Deck 5

Fuel tankage:

Deck 6

Power plant: The 2 1,500MW power plants and 2 engineering workstation are located on this deck. Also located on Deck 6 are the sandcasters, fuel purifiers, and a computer.

Deck 7

Manuver drives: The boat's 16 Yakdyne HEPlaR engines along with an addition 4 airlock are on this deck.

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