The Draconis Cluster


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Ship designs

- 50 ton TL-11 Arrek class Utility Lander
- 50 ton TL-15 Bull class Armored Lander
- 100 ton Solomani Scout by Michael Bailey
- 100 ton Hoshisame class Gun Sloop
- 120 ton Hoshisame Model C variant by Derek Stanley
- 120 ton Artemis Class Exploration scout a variant of the Hoshisame C by Derek Stanley
- 200 ton Long Trader, the "Diafrenzo"
- 200 ton Burov class Far Trader
- A couple of other versions of the Burov
- 200 ton Herstron Class Survey/Contact ship
- 600 ton Erlir Class Patrol Cruiser
- 800 ton Kukri Class System Defense Boat
- 900 ton Auroro Aglo (Dawn Eagle) class Support Cruiser
- 990 ton Regulator Class System Defense Boat
- 2,000 ton Bundran Class Heavy Freighter
- 5,000 ton Defender Class Far Cruiser
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