SkyEye class, TL-7 Non-Rigid Airship

The Prototype SkyEye Blimp on its maiden flight

The SkyEye is typical of the non-rigid airships from the later part of Terra's 20th century. The SkyEye's uses range from aerial observation of cultural events, surveillance operations, high profile advertising, and site seeing excursions.

Environment: Atmosphere
Tech Level: 7
Dimensions: 43m length, 14m diameter
Overall Volume: 5,200m2
Overall Mass/Useful Lift: 5,573kg/4,000kg
Engines: 2 x 2.4KN Turboprops
Max Speed: 90kph
Cruise Speed: 68kph
Fuel Type: Hydrocarbons
Fuel Capacity: 884kg/.98m3 of Hydrocarbons distillates
Endurance: 48hours, 18kg/hour
Accommodations: 2 Crew members (pilot, copilot), 4 passengers
Electronics: TL-7 500km Radio, TL-7 Avionics (Weather radar, FLIR, inertial positioning), TL-7 Flight Computer (CP1)
Cargo: 884kg
Cost: 0.254MCr
Operator Skill: Airship
Ease of Use: 0
Reliability: 0
Quality: 5
Hazard: 0

Designed with the Playtest version of Fire, Fusion & Steel for Marc Millerís Traveller

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