Crystal Swords

Crystal Swords are ancient and mysterious weapons that were "forged" thousands of years ago using techniques that are only now being rediscovered. Crystal Swords are made out a material similar to Synthetic Diamond, but instead of being brittle, like Synthetic Diamond, Crystal Swords are flexible like Crystaliron resulting in very durable and beautiful weapons. Originally created during the Rule of Man only a handful of Crystal Swords are known to exist today. With only one exception all of the remaining Crystal Swords are locked away in private collections. The one exception is the Sword of the House of Ukishi, owned by the Marquis’ son, Diirker Ukishi. Not only does Diirker wear the sword at numerous events and parties, but he actually has used it nearly a dozen duels. This, combined with Diirker’s position, flamboyant personality, and nearly unparalleled skill with a sword have made him quite a celebrity in the young Imperium. The Sword of the House of Ukishi is 91cm in length with a clear green straight single edged blade. The fittings are made of gilded Crystaliron with a large ruby pommel gem. The current grip is made of Werdhart and is a relatively new addition to the rest of the sword having replaced an older wood and leather grip about 90 years ago. One of the odder features of the sword is the swordbreaker that extends off the handgaurd. Despite its apparent impracticality, Diirker’s fame has made it quite fashionable for many a young gallant to sport swords that also have swordbreakers on them. A few years ago the famed artisan, Ge, started to make crystal swords. Unlike the clear color of all but one of the know ancient swords, Ge’s swords have a foggy marbled pattern to them. Ge claimed this proved that his swords were superior to the "shoddy and trite" ancient swords. As other artisans discovered how to make Crystal Swords, all with foggy marbled patterns, it has become quite apparent that some of the ancient techniques used to make Crystal Swords still elude us today.


Damage: 2
Tech Level: 10+
Range: Contact
Mass: 1.8kg
Length: 90cm
Cost: 2,000Cr-50,000Cr for Modern Swords

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