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The Draconis Cluster
Last updated September 10, 1998

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The Draconis Cluster

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The Draconis Cluster Traveller Pages is an assortment of odds and ends, well spacecraft mostly, for use with the science fiction role-playing game, Traveller. I hope that you find something here that you enjoy and maybe even find useful. Please feel free to drop me a note letting me know what you think. Here's what you can find on these pages.

What's New Check here to see what, if anything has been added since your last visit.
The Shipyard A selection of spacecraft designes.
The Startown Bazaar Assorted other goods and vehicles.
The Draconis Cluster An overview of the Draconis Cluster campaign source material.
Game Aids Additional material, rules errata, and spreadsheets to help playing Traveller.
Links A small selction of Traveller and Spacecraft related links.
Webrings Various Webrings to help in locating other Traveller sites.

Phillip McGregor's Traveller fanzine, Dark Star , is no longer available here at the Draconis Cluster. These days you can now buy a copy on-line from HyperBooks. (Its not listed on the webpage, so you will need to ask Terry for it). He should have both Dark Star #1 and #2, and they are complete versions (the copy of Dark Star #1 that was here was had printing disabled)

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