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November 29, 1999
A bit of Reorganization and redesigning. Also added some rule on A-PAWs and some Visual Basic programs to the new Game Aids section.

September 10, 1998
Joined The Traveller Deckplans Webring

September 7, 1998
Added a spreadsheet to aid designing ships with High Guard to the Shipyard

May 12, 1998
Joined the GearHead Webring

January 7, 1998
Added the Regulator class system defense boat to the Shipyard

December 31,1997
Added the Strasser class airship and SkyEye class airship, a couple of designs that I originally created for "Emperor's Vehicles", to the Bazaar

September 8,1997
Added links to Berka's Space Page and Glenn Hoppe's Jump Space page , in the Ship Yard
Yanbek Global News: Fashion Report
Pill box hats will be the rage this fall. This week had all the major designer reveling their new fall lines. With no less than 6 of the top designer featuring pill box hats in their fall collection, we are sure that pill box hat will be the hot item come fall. In other fashion news, designer Cherkir shocked everyone not with what his models were wearing but what they weren't wearing, their fur! Three of Cherkir's models, including the supermodel Fiklia KiKik, had shaved off all of their fur except for the top of the heads, back of their necks and their tails. This is the first time that any designer has use models with a majority of their fur shaved.

August 23, 1997
Added Crystal Swords to the Bazaar and added a link to theTraveller's Guide to the Community, Andrew Akin's web page, in the Ship Yard
Upon enter the supposedly deserted Ktashisnif system your ship is hailed
This is the Rankong High Cruiser Kur. You are order to leave this system immediacy. If need be you may first refuel on the planet Ktashisnif and only on Ktashisnif. These orders are for your safety. If you do not follow them you will be destroyed. This message will not be repeated.

August 19, 1997
Added the Fire, Fusion & Steel Errata and Addendum section

August 18, 1997
Added the Kukri class System Defense Boat, my entry into the August THUDDD contest to the Shipyard

August 5, 1997
Finally finished the Erlir class patrol cruiser, my entry into last March's THUDDD contest and added it to the Shipyard

March 23, 1997
Added Links to Paul Owensby's Pan-Imperia Shipyards and Seriving, Bruce Johnson's Traveller Programs page and Mark F. Hudson's Home of the Lost Star Warriors, Star Wars RPG page in the Shipyard

March 11, 1997
Added the Auroro Aglo (Dawn Eagle) class 900dton Support Cruiser, my entry into the THUDDD mercenary cruiser design contest, to the Shipyard

March 4, 1997
Added the Herstron class Survey/Contact Ship, my entry into the January TML ship design contest, to the Shipyard
While in a bar on Holawal the bartender tells you:
"Now, you know that the Mouth for DC Discount is claiming the their recent disasters is due to sabotage. Well, let me tell you, whatever the cause is, you'll never see me get on one of the Colorful Cattle Cars. I mean it doesn't make any difference if its fault of DC's or terrorist's. The bottom line is their ships go boom! Shame too, I was hoping to visit my sister on Alro later this year, but it looks like I'll put it off until next year when I should have enough Rykies saved up to afford passage on some other line. So, do you want another Brown Nut Ale or maybe you would like to try a Synapse Slam."

February 15, 1997
Added the Burov class Far Trader, my THUDDD entry and a couple of other Burov variations to the Shipyard

December 29, 1996
Made a zipped .PDF version of Dark Star, Phillip McGregor's Traveller fanzine available. Also added links to Goran Sjoberg's web page and Chief Mac's Traveller Page in the Shipyard

November 25, 1996
Connected to the Traveller WebRing and update the various links
Royal Ministry of Information (RMI) Channel #1
One of the largest crowds to ever form in HighSeat gathered today as many hope to get copies of the new book, "There Be Dragons!", autographed by the author, Vahn Ecir. Professor Ecir's book has in one short month become one of the best selling books of all time on Kelnee. "There Be Dragons!" contends that the Dragons of lore do indeed exist and uses eyewitness accounts, blurry photos and holos, and archeological artifacts to support his case. Several noted authorities have claimed that Professor Ecir's book is nothing more that a rehashing of old tale and poor science, to which the Professor has responded by saying "I am quite saddened to hear this from some of my colleagues. I had hoped that they wouldn't give in to their petty jealousy, but obviously that is not the case.

October 31, 1996
Added the a link to Dave Golden's Artwork page and a link to Peter Miller's Traveller pages. Also added the "Feast of the Voyagers" Challenge page

August 25, 1996
Added the Tech Level 11 Arrek class Utility Lander and the Tech Level 15 Bull class Armored Lander to the Shipyard

August 8, 1996
Added the 5,000 ton Far Cruiser Defender to the Shipyard
InfoCast Action News (Holawal's #1 News Frequency)
Investigators today revealed that last week's bombing of the popular eatery "PoPolo's" was indeed the work of the RaTanie terrorist group "Shadow Fang". Head Investigator Wor Doral said that investigators where doing every thing in their power to bring the terrorist to justice. The investigators have issued an order that all RaTanie citizens and RaTanie vessels are to be denied permission to leave Holawal until they have been questioned and cleared of any involvement in the bombing. The investigators attempted to gain entrance to the RaTanie Embassy but were turned away by armed troopers at the Embassy gate. The RaTanie Ambassador during a press conference told reports "We are committed to do all we can to aid the Lopdun investigators in apprehending these criminals. However, the detaining of RaTanie citizens and the attempt to search this Embassy are actions which my people will not tolerate. This latest round of tensions between Holawal and RaTa comes after many had believe that had the trust between the two powers had finally been regained from the Tor's moon incident, in which Holawal and RaTanie force fought each other with both sides claiming the other side had started attacking without provocation.

June 13, 1996
Added a few more links and spiffied up the main page.

May 23, 1996
From Derek Stanley comes the Artimes a varient of the Hoshisame C and a New picture his Gauss SMG. I've finally added some items that are not guns to the Bazaar, Sage's Tears and God's Cloth. Also added a couple of new images to the Draconis Cluster Systems Data page. Those of you using Netscape 2.0 or better should be able to see the space station rotating.

May 6, 1996
Added the Tech Level 9 Pump Action Shotgun by Derek Stanley and gave a new look to the Bazaar. Added a bit more information on some of the worlds of the Draconis Cluster. Added a link to Tommy Grav's Page The Confederation. and you may have noticed the new picture on the main page.
RWN (RaTa World News) News Brief:
The Rankong Consulate released to following statement today: "It is with regret that we must inform you of the destruction of the RaTanie merchant ship Krevik. The were no survivors. The Krevik was destroyed by our Guardians in orbit over our sovereign world of Ea. The Krevik refused to answer hails and attempted to evade our Guardians. The Krevik is believed to have been attempting to smuggle weapons to the terrorist who have been attacking our colonists and their families."

March 26, 1996
Added a picture of the Hoshisame model-c

March 11, 1996
Added the Jolly Molly to the Shipyard
Yanbek Global News Flash
Chim Shakar, the famous actor, was found dead today form an apparent suicide at his estate in the Golden Groves section of Charal, Yanbeck's capitol. Shakar is best known for his portrayal of Captain Nutkin, from the series "Corsair Captain Nutkin". "Corsair Captain Nutkin" is the squirrel version of the popular "Corsair Captain . . ." series, which was the first series to be simultaneously produced for six different races, with a specific series being customize to each race.

March 5, 1996
Added the Tech Level 12 4mm Gauss SMG by Derek Stanley to the Bazaar

January 29, 1996
Added a Model C variant of the Hoshisame to the ship yard and added a first look at the Draconis Cluster.
RWN (RaTa World News) News Brief:
The annual visit from the Brotherhood of Fire's trade mission from Vorgast arrived at RaTa earlier today. High Leader Heron will be hosting a party in the trade mission's honor tonight at The Gilded Center. It is rumored that during the trade mission's visit to RaTa discussions will take place concerning the development of new high tech ships for the RDF (RaTa Defense Forces).

January 11, 1996
Added short descriptions for the guns in the Bazaar and fixed a link
Overheard while in a starport bar:
"So this mate of mine tells me that were not even two months ago when the Squirrel ship "Grand Explorer" returns to Answar after only being gone for three week on what was should 'ave been a three month trip. My mate says the there was talk about half the crew missin' and them that was left being all dead. Answar officials confiscated the ship's log and releases a report saying that the ship had only misjumped, though I aint ever heard of no misjump making half a crew vanish and killing them's that remains."

January 3, 1996
Added a What's New Section, Fixed some links and added a Gauss Rifle to the Bazaar

December 31, 1995
The Draconis Cluster Traveller Page put on the web

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