Herstron Class Survey/Contact Ship

Granville Brothers, Herstron class

200dton Survey/Contact Ship

The first Herstron class survey/contact ship was built more than 40 years ago by Granville Brothers, a small Kelnee aerospace company. Over the next ten years Granville Brothers would go on to produce a total of 32 Herstrons. Initially, the Herstrons were built for the Kelnee government to explore the worlds of the Draconis Cluster, but as time went by, the Kelnee government replaced all of its Herstrons with more advanced ships. Most of the ships of the Herstron class are still in service and are being used by less advanced worlds and private companies.

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data



                        Very Short  Short      Medium     Long
150-Mj Laser Turret     10:1/8-24   20:1/4-13  40:1/2-7  80:1/1-3



Damage Tables

Area  Surface Hits  Internal Damage          Systems
1     1-9: Ant,     Hold                     JD-3H   LS-3H
      10-12 Hatch                            MD-2H   ELS-1H
2-3   1-5: Ant      1-6: Elec, 7-12: Hold,   PP-3H   LSR-16x1H
                    13-20 Qrts               AG-1H   AEMS-2h
4-5                 Hold                     FPP-1H  LT-1H
6-7                 1-16: Hold, 17-20: Qrts  All Others-1h
8                   1-14: Hold, 15-20: Qrts
9     1: AL         1-14: Hold, 15-20: Qrts
10                  1-14: Qrts, 15-20: Laser Turret
11                  1-6: Hold, 7-14: Qrts, 15-20 Eng
12-13               1-13: Hold, 14-20: Qrts
14-15               Qrts
16    1: AL         1-14: Hold, 15-20: Qrts
17                  1-14: Hold, 15-20: Qrts
18-19               1-8: Eng, 9-20 Qrts
20                  Eng

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats (a.k.a. T4)

Granville Brothers - Herstron class Survey/Contact Ship (Type SC)
QSDS 1.5

Tons: 200dtons (Streamlined) Volume: 2,8000 m^3           Cost: 101.9MCr
Crew: 7                     High/Mid Pass: 8/0           Low: 0
Cargo: 31dtons              Controls: Std                TL: 12

8 Size                                2 Jump Drive (20 Std/Pc Fuel)
                                      1 Maneuver (Thruster, 56 Mw)
1xLaser turret (+0) 1/1-0-0-0         1.5 Power Plant (150Mw)
                                      41dtons Fuel (S40, R8)
                                      A10 P4 J0 Sensors
                                      10 Armor, 6 Structure

Crew Detail:1xCommander, 1xPilot 1xAstrogator, 2xEngineer, 1xGunner
1xSesors Operator
Note: The ship has 15 Large staterooms, a Sick bay and a Laboratory.

Centerline Cross Section

Deck Plans

The deckplans use 2meter squares and each deck is 3 meters tall

Lower Level: Hold, Quarters, Engineering

more detailed view of the lower level 1,119x1,119 138K

Upper Level: Fuel, Cockpit, Sickbay, Lab, Laser Turret, Quarters

more detailed view of the upper level 1,119x1,119 142K


This ship was built for the January '97 TML Starship contest using Dave Golden and the GDW-beta list's SSDS.
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