GS13-C Hoshisame(Star Shark) Class Gun Sloop

GS13-C Hoshisame

(Star Shark)

Class Gun Sloop

The Hoshisame C variant was based off the spine of the original Hoshisame ship, the hull was upsized to allow for the incorporation of Fuel Scoops, a larger power planet and more bunk space. There is a C-1 version which includes a sand caster and an extra bunk. Cargo space is dropped to 0 and weight's must be adjusted accordingly. In the C version it is possible to downsize the cargo space and increase the missile load out. Again this increases the vessels mass.



Engineering Data



			Short		Medium		Long		Ext.
150-Mj Laser Turret	1:1/10-30	2:1/10-30	4:1/10-30	8:1/10-30


				Damage Tables
Area: 1D20	Surface Hits: 	Internal Explosions: 	Systems: 
1		Ant		Elec			JD-2H		AG-1H
2-3		Ant		1-14: Elec, 15-20: Qtrs	PP-4H		FPP-2H
4-5		Ant		Mbay			LS-(3h)		SSR-(2h)
6-7		1: Ant		1-12: Lt 13-20 Hold	ELS-1H		MFD-(2h)
8-9				Qrts			MD-1H		LSR-1H
10		1-11: Ant	1-7: Mbay, 8-20 Hold	CG-1H		All Others-(1h)
11		1: AL		1: Qtrs, 2-20 Hold	Mbay-1H
12-13		1-6: Ant	Hold			
14-15				Hold
16-17				1-7 Eng, 8-14 Qrts, 15-20 Hold
18-19				1-7 Eng, 8-20 Hold
20		1: AL, 2-4 EMMR	1 :Qrts, 2-19: Eng, 20: Hold


Fuel purification machinery (0.9825 MW), 18 hours to refine 674 m3 Power short fall of 8.157 MW. Craft is only capable of 4G with Contra-Grav engaged. 9 Crew members get 9 bunks with only the commander living in the ships one small stateroom on. Each Crew member is allocated 2.5 m3 of personal storage space.

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