Erlir Class

600dton Patrol Cruiser

Deck layout

Deck Plans

The deckplans are laid out on a 2 meter grid. The hieght between deck is 3 meters


Access hatch, downAccess hatch, up

ElevatorZero G accessway



Deck 1

Upper bridge: Pilot's and navigator's workstations. This deck is actually a paltform above the main bridge deck and is accessed by climing a ladder

Deck 2

Lower bridge: Workstations for: Captian, Executive Officer, Cheif Engineer, Communications Operator, Sensors Operator, 4x Laser Gunners, 2x Millsile Gunners, Meson Screen Operator. The entire bridge is enclosed in a one-way transparent steel dome that can be made opaque when needed.

Deck 3

Electronics deck: Sensors, communicators, Life support and computers

Deck 4-5

Crew bunks and common areas. The crew's bunk are arranged in pairs with an upper bunk over a lower bunk. Personal storage is located under the lower bunk.

Deck 6

Officer's Staterooms, Sandcaster and nuclerar damper turrets. Typically these staterooms are assigned to the ship's captian, executive officer, cheif engineer and doctor.

Deck 7

Sick bay, geust room and mess halls

Deck 8

Missile barbettes and cargo hold

Deck 9-13

Laser turrets, meson screen and power plant

Deck 14

Upper engineering deck: Workstations for 2 Engineers and the power plant

Deck 15

Lower engineering deck: Workstations for 2 engineers, the jump drive and life support

Deck 16

Manuver drive access

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