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The obligatory links to other pages

Joe's Traveller, Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. Not only is Joe Heck's one of the best places on the web to find Taveller info but he also has deck plans for a 100 ton Vargr scout and the Reformation Coalition's 400 ton Victrix class Multimission Sloop
Tommy's The Confederation
Dave's Dave's Traveller Site
Goren's Traveller - the web pages
Derek's Derek Stanley's The Confederation of NightRim is a small Pocket Empire poised on the border to Reaver's Deep.

Other Traveller ships on the Web

- Starships of the Imperium
This site contains deck plans for many of the classic Traveller ship designs
- The FTP site at
Hidden away in a Star Trek directory are the plans for a 1000 ton Chrysanthemum class destroyer escort. The deck plans, "", are in a tarz compressed post script file
- Goran Sjoberg
Goran has a design for a TL21, 4000 DTon Commercial trader with TNE stats, illustrations and a set of deck plans
- Chief Mac's Traveller Page
Matt McLaughlin has some deckplans for a 100ton scout/courier, 400ton subsidised merchant, and the Annic Nova
- Paul Owensby's Pan-Imperia Shipyards and Seriving
Paul's page features the 200 dton "Guppy Class" Far Trader with T4 stats and a set of deck plans
- Bruce Johnson's Traveller page
Bruce's page includes the T4 stats and deckplans for two versions of his famous YugoShips PLC el-cheapo 200dT freighter, a.k.a. the YugoBox
- Traveller's Guide to the Community
Andrew Akins' page contains numerous ship designs including some with illustrations and a couple with deckplans.
- Michael Koehne's Traveller page
Michael has many ship desing that include deckplans.
- Berka's Space Page
Berka's page has a couple of ship designs including a 200 ton Frontier Trader that is complete with an illustration and deck plans.
- Glenn Hoppe's Jump Space
Not only the home of the Jumpspace Institute but Glenn also has a couple of .PDF files with deck plans of a Far Trader and some small craft.

Other Places of interest

- Mark F. Hudson's Home of the Lost Star Warriors, Star Wars RPG page
Mark's Star Wars RPG page includes two freighter designs that include illustrations and deckplans
- A list of ships from the Star Trek Archive
- The Lunar Institutes School of Starship Design
This is an interesting place to find information regarding sublight starships and their design.
- The Aero-space technology programs page, from NASA
This a good place to find on current and proposed spacecraft not to mention NASA being a great place to find space related information and pictures

Phillip McGregor's Traveller fanzine, Dark Star , is no longer available here at the Draconis Cluster. These days you can now buy a copy on-line from HyperBooks. (Its not listed on the webpage, so you will need to ask Terry for it). He should have both Dark Star #1 and #2, and they are complete versions (the copy of Dark Star #1 that was here was had printing disabled)
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